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by Organikal on April 26, 2006

C.A.T. – action list

We had an action packed day at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales.

If you haven’t been before and are interested in living an Organikal life you really should try and visit for a day or two.

The visitor centre is splendid, with lots of things for the kids to do, and although there was no information on display that we didn’t already know about, it was truly inspiring. And I was thrilled that we had already made such leaps and bounds towards adopting most of the philosophies and techniques promoted at the CAT.

The next step is to make use of the comprehensive information centre they operate, and perhaps take a place on one or two of the residential courses.

Ruaridh had a ball – the Mind Gym put on a series of events for kids through the holidays and R’s favourite was becoming an inventor of the future – experimenting with solar power. He also took part in a slug and bug hunt and a puppet show about the impact of cutting down the rain forest. The beauty of it was that he had such fun he didn’t even know he was learning – Martin is convinced all schools should be just like that…

We have some specific actions arising from the visit. Most have been on the to-do list anyway, but we’re more definite about what we can do and when, and what is immediate. The action list for the next month goes like this:

1. dig water channel in back garden and create a cool canal (we have a drainage problem, so we’re going to embrace it and create something beautiful).

2. bought my organic herb seeds – just need to plant now and prepare the beds and containers (the soil here is still a bit cold and wet, so I’ve got a wee bit time on this one).

3. build a compost bin – instead of buying one.

4. put a “water displacement device” in all cisterns (probably a brick – to reduce our water consumption).

5. plant bamboo in the garden to act as a screen.

6. collect our rainwater to reuse in the garden and for the cars etc.

7. stop blogging about it and just do it!

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