How Many Steps?

by Organikal on April 15, 2006

17,000 steps in a day

I use my pedometer about twice a week. Of course, I don’t need the pedometer to tell me when I’m being lazy, or when I’m more active than usual, but I do use it to test different and new situations.

I believe the recommended amount of steps we should undertake each day is around 10,000.

20,000 steps in a goal

When I work from home, I’m particularly active and can count between 12,000 and 17,000 steps in a day. This depends on whether I drop off and collect from Ruaridh from school, and how far my morning jog is. I know it’s not record breaking, but I feel fairly confident that I’m not a complete couch potato!

I’ve been feeling for sometime that I’m resting on my laurels a wee bit, and have decided to set a goal of 20,000 steps in a day. That means that I shall make sure I participate in both school runs (walks, I guess would be a more accurate term) and lengthen the route for my morning jog.

The will is there. The goal is set. Now all I need to do is put some trust in our fickle Scottish weather and hope it gives me enough sunshine to make the job a pleasure!

7,000 steps in a day

In comparison with my home activity, I’ve recorded a measly 7,000 steps on days when I work in the office. This is not good, and although I’m aware of my compressed spine and my inactivity when glued to the PC I’ve not really managed to change my habits and incorporate more exercise.

Since recording this shameful number of steps with my pedometer, I’ve made the decision to change those habits and get out every lunchtime for a walk and leave my desk every half hour for a couple of circuits of the building.

I’m on leave for the next week so have yet to record what difference this will make to my pedometer count, but hope it will make some contribution to my desire for more action!

It really does go to show that being aware of our actions is sometimes not enough to make the change we so desire – sometimes we need something else to prove it to ourselves – whether that be a comment from an honest child (“Mum – you look pregnant in that top!”) or a wee bit of plastic with some numbers displayed on it.

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