Curing the common cold!

by Organikal on March 8, 2006

So much for the happy molecules — lurking behind were nasty cold germs waiting to do their damnedest overnight to see me laid low and knock some of the stuffing out of me…

So the cold isn’t at full strength, and the first thing I did was to take 2000mg vitamin C ; with 400mg echinacea together with an orange, a kiwi some fresh pressed orange juice and a hot lemon and ginger infusion. Combining that with a hot bath, using some menthol and eucalyptus to steam, I emerged feeling more like myself.

Careful to avoid dairy products today, as I know these can be associated with excess mucus, and it’s best to avoid when the cold germs strike, so I opted for fresh made butternut squash soup for lunch.

This afternoon wasn’t so great, to be honest. The worst thing was my fantastically sore head. Not something I usually suffer from, and it really got to me, so much so that I ended up taking some paracetamol – which I have to say did nothing to relieve it, and I disappointed myself that I resorted to such a thing…

Hunting out my Ayurvedic Home Remedies book, I opted for the saltwater remedy – designed to unclog the sinuses and relieve the headache as a result. You know what – it worked a dream. Highly recommended. Okay – so I’ve not quite cured my cold, but I’ve found a solution to a problem which quite frankly I don’t have time for and take ill out. Hooray for salt and water :o )

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