Happy Molecules

by Organikal on March 7, 2006

I’ve been listening to Deepak’s Chopra’s Magical Mind, Magical Body tapes in the car and the thing that stuck with me today was the point made about all our molecules being happy molecules when they are all in balance!

I reckon my molecules are in balance, because they’re all happy – without any specific happiness effort on my part. The molecules have been happy for over a week – since my weekend epiphany on the journey to and from Martin’s mum’s, where everything came together for me in a rush of understanding and acceptance – who I am, why I’m here what I need to do next etc etc.

It’s such a great feeling – I can’t imagine that anyone would want to feel any differently.

But it turns out, not everyone feels this way! For instance, I was working for my primary client in their offices today, and at the end of the day we were bantering about being happy, living life to the full etc etc. I made a point about how if we took the greatest of care about ourselves, in respect of our physical, spiritual and mental health we may get the chance to live forever! This was met by absolute amazement – not that it should be impossible to achieve such a goal, but that anyone would want to live forever! I’m flabberghasted. What kind of life must you be living to not want it to last for ever?

There will be a great deal more about Deepak’s philosophies and practical applications throughout this site. The distribution of the practical applications of my knowledge, learning and experience is the primary reason for this site’s inception, after all.

For now, I’m content to say that if you haven’t experienced any before – go out and listen to some / read some tomorrow. It may just change your life completely – and you may start to see the infinite possibilities ahead. But remember – do it with an open mind, and an open heart – it’s taken me 3 years to just to start to get to grip with what I can do with all the information and I’m still working on it!

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Martin March 8, 2006 at 9:52 pm

You have encouraged me. Keep up the good writing.


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