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by Organikal on March 6, 2006

I treated myself today with a regime which should help anyone feel great.
I would recommend doing this at least once each week.
You need to set aside a couple of uninterruptable hours.
You need enough hot water to make a comfortably warm bath and have the following ingredients to hand:

(it’s essential that you use organic ingredients)

hair/head massage
2 x tbsp liquefied coconut oil (use microwave)
facial cleanser (steam)
fresh squeezed juice of half a lemon
splash rosewater
facial cleanser (scrub)
4 x tbsp ground almonds
2 x tsp skimmed milk powder
grated zest of 1 x orange
body massage
1 x banana
1 x tsp runny honey
2 x tbsp milk
1 x greek yoghurt
1 x tbsp ghee (use butter in emergency)
1 x tbsp bicarbonate of soda

First off I filled the bath with hot water to create a warm and steamy bathroom, and lit a few scented candles to create atmosphere and provide a nice perfume.

The regime started by brushing my teeth, gums and tongue using a damp toothbrush dipped in bicarb – it leaves teeth super white and remarkably clean – try it,if it’s the only thing you replicate!

Then I poured boiling water over a bowl filled with the lemon juice and rosewater, and steamed my face (towel over head to steam) for ten minutes, breathing deeply through my nose. This leaves your face squeaky clean – try it at least once a week, especially if you’re prone to angry or oily skin.

Next off, I used the scrub to gently clean face and neck (remember – face means collarbones to hairline), which would take care of the wrinkles.

Then I used coconut oil to give my hair and scalp a thorough massage (i have grey hair that I dye, and the coconut oil restores some shine and condition).

I used the leftover oil to massage my feet and toes – an extra treat (a scalp and foot massage can help you sleep better if you have trouble dozing off).

Then I massaged my body with the mixture above before plunging into the bath to relax for twenty minutes.

I emerged from the bathroom thoroughly relaxed and squeaky clean and drank  large class of cool, filtered water. Dressed in loose comfortable clothing, I decided on a breath awareness meditation to maximise my state of wellbeing.

Nourishment for the mind and body – a must for everyone – at least once a week!

The recipes are courtesy of Bharti Vyas – if you haven’t come across her – go and buy a book today!

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